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Links are used as a navigational element.

Paul Sylling

Test Results


Want proof? View the test results to see how a link element renders across each of the most common email clients.

Email Kit is rigorously tested on the most common email clients.


Use a link when you want to navigate to another page from your email content. Although links behave like buttons in HTML emails, they should be reserved for use within body copy, headings, lists, etc.


Links can be customized with your theme colors and type styles by editing the classes in Email Kit.


Color can be applied to a link by using one of the built-in color classes <a class="body text-primary">.

Although a tags in the stylesheet have been set to color: inherit; in order to use the color of the parent content element, some clients ignore this. So it is recommended to explicitly set a color class for each link.

Refer to the color page in the guidelines section for a complete list of options.

Type Styles

A type style can be applied to a link by using one of the built-in type style classes <a class="body text-primary">.

In order to achieve better consistency across email clients, it is recommended to apply a type style on each link.

Refer to the typography page in the guidelines section for a complete list of options.


Copy the code below and paste it into a table within the .panel-body to create a link in your email.

Body Copy Link

Use the code below to create a body copy link using your primary color.

Body Copy Link
A body copy link with the primary style applied. Note how the link is set with both a type style and color.

Best Practices

Follow these best practices when using links.

  • Use text for links rather than images when possible.
  • Match the text of the link with the destination for better usability.
  • Use meaningful descriptions for the link rather than a generic “click here”.
  • Style your links so that stand out from the rest of the content on the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about links in Email Kit.

Should I set the target to “_blank” in my links?

Since most email clients will already do this by default it is not necessary, however, it is also a usability best practice to allow the user to choose whether to open a link in a new window when this is not the default client behavior.