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Getting started with Email Kit.

Paul Sylling

Welcome to Email Kit

Email Kit is a flexible design system of guidelines, elements, components, templates and content packs that allow you to create amazing responsive emails fast.

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Quick Start

The quickest way to get started sending beautiful responsive emails that work in nearly 70 clients is to head over to our templates section and then follow our launch checklist below.

Launch Checklist

Before sending your email, make sure to complete the following:

  • Replace any placeholder images with your own
  • Replace any lorem ipsum placeholder copy with your own
  • Update the CSS to match your brand
  • Remove all HTML and CSS comments
  • Ensure you have included the necessary unsubscribe functionality and met all legal requirements to send email
  • Inline the CSS
  • Import and test using your Email Service Provider (ESP)

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Customize Email Kit

Email Kit comes with a full toolkit of guidelines, elements, components and templates that allow you to quickly and consistently create beautiful emails.


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You can freely use Email Kit for personal, private, company or commercial purposes. You cannot hold the author liable for damages as Email Kit is provided without warranty.