Email Kit


Email Kit is guided by timeless methods.

Paul Sylling


Email Kit was designed to be beautiful by default. As email continues to be the best way to reach your audience, a focus on design and aesthetics not only strengthens your brand but can lead to higher engagement.


Email Kit applies common solutions to each problem. After analyzing hundreds of email, patterns were created that allows designers and developers to speak the same language.


Email Kit puts designer and developer productivity first. Since emails created with Email Kit are beautiful, responsive and compatible across clients by default, you can simply focus on crafting the perfect message.


Email Kit was built with modularity in mind. By creating a design system based on elements, components and templates, you can easily mix and match to meet your needs knowing your email will look beautiful in your users’ inbox.


Email Kit contains only what is necessary. Every design decision, element, component and template that is included has been carefully planned based on industry research and email best practices.